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My Kindle Owner Bona Fides

Because I almost exclusively read e-books, I occasionally offer criticsm of the Kindle and suggestions for enhancements. I'm not just offering drive-by criticisms. I've been a loyal Kindle owner for over 6 years now. My opinions are informed by my long experience using the devices and by my observations of what has—and hasn't—changed over the years.

Here's my experience as a Kindle owner.

  • Original Kindle: Purchased in August, 2008.
  • Kindle 2: Purchased in December, 2009, after my Kindle was stolen.
  • Kindle 3G: Purchased in December, 2010.
  • Kindle 3G Graphite: Purchased in January, 2012, on the promise of the higher quality eInk Pearl screen.
  • Kindle Paperwhite 3G: Purchased in September, 2012, on the promise of a brighter, whiter screen.
  • Kindle Voyage: Purchased in September, 2014, on the promise of a 300-dpi screen, better backlighting, and the return of physical page turn buttons.

With each edition, I've tried to buy the top-line model. Once the 3G wireless was available, I bought that with each new model. I always wanted to be able to get new books delivered, no matter where I was and whether or not I had WiFi. When Amazon introduced ad-supported models, I made sure to always buy the ad-free model. (Books are too important to be forced to look at an ad each time I want to read.)

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