Minor Thoughts from me to you

January 6th Committee Hearings

Hearing #1 on June 9 (1 hour, 53 minutes)

The House panel makes clear that President Trump was responsible for the Capitol riots. Capitol police officer Caroline Edwards and filmmaker Nick Quested recount the violence of the day from first-hand experience. (Watch hearing; Watch recap)

Hearing #2 on June 13 (2 hours, 5 minutes)

Testimony from Attorney General Bill Barr, Republican elections attorney Ben Ginsberg, and many others reveals how those in Trump's campaign workers repeatedly told him how election fraud claims were baseless; nevertheless, Trump still pushed ahead with lies about the 2020 election. (Watch hearing; Watch recap)

Hearing #3 on June 16 (2 hours, 44 minutes)

The committee focuses on efforts led by Trump and his allies, such as attorney John Eastman, to pressure former Vice President Mike Pence to throw out the 2020 election results. Former Pence Counsel Greg Jacob, former judge Michael Luttig are the star witnesses. (Watch hearing; Watch recap)

Hearing #4 on June 21 (2 hours, 39 minutes)

Speaker of the Arizona House Rusty Bowers, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and former Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Wandrea Moss testify to the pressure Trump exerted on state legislators and election officials to decertify election results. (Watch hearing; Watch recap)

Hearing #5 on June 23 (2 hours, 27 minutes)

Justice Department officials Jeffrey Rosen, Richard Donoghue, and Steven Engel recount how former President Trump wanted the Justice Department to undermine the 2020 election. (Watch hearing; Watch recap)

Hearing #6 on June 28 (1 hour, 54 minutes)

Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, reveals how Trump ignored the fact that supporters carried weapons and physically resisted secret service in hopes of joining his supporters at the Capitol. (Watch hearing; Watch recap)

Hearing #7: July 12 (2 hours, 39 minutes)

Former Oath Keepers spokesperson Jason van Tatenhove and rioter Stephen Aryes testify how Trump's violent rhetoric influenced them to storm the Capitol. (Watch hearing; Watch recap)

Hearing #8: July 21 (2 hours, 44 minutes)

Trump deputy press secretary Sarah Matthews and former National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger focus on Trump’s actions during the insurrection. During the 187 minutes, or just over three hours where the attacks were underway, he did nothing to dissuade the rioters despite calls from allies, members of Congress, and aides to do so. (Watch hearing; Watch recap)