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Minor Thoughts is written by Joe Martin.

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Minor Thoughts originally started life on June 4, 2004 as The Theocrats. The Theocrats was a group blog, written by me and Adam Volle. It was the greatest collection of writings about King Jesus and Capitalism that you'll probably ever see.

In 2006, we relaunched our blog as Minor Thoughts, still keeping it a group blog. Adam left to pursue other goals in early 2011. For the past 7 years Minor Thoughts slowly grew into the more personal solo blog that it is today. The tone has changed from pure politics, to a mix of politics and book reviews, to a more general blog. But the goal is still the same as it was 14 years ago: thinking out loud in public. I always hope to start conversations with others, so that I can learn more. I don't have all of the answers, even though I often act like I do.


Minor Thoughts is generated with Pelican 4.7. I prefer a statically generated blog instead of a hosted product like Wordpress. After some searching, I found Pelican: a static blog engine, written in Python. It's perfect for my needs.

Minor Thoughts is hosted on a 4GB Linode server.


The theme for Minor Thoughts is built from Bootstrap, using icons from Glyphicons. I took inspiration from Jason Snell's Six Colors site.


I try to adhere to web standards whenever possible. This site uses valid HTML5 markup. Its stylesheets do not use valid CSS. On the other hand, the stylesheets do work on most major desktop and mobile browsers. In this case, I'll take wide real world compatibility over strict conformance to a spec.