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The Need for Tax Reform

I saw this article earlier in the day and wanted to blog on it. Unfortunately, getting my wisdom teeth pulled and being on pain meds made blogging a risky proposition. Owen (of Boots and Sabers) wrote that the study mentioned in the article confirms the need for the Tax Protection Amendment. He said exactly what I wanted to say:

I read this study and said, "huh"¦ $5,200,000,000 less in government spending"¦ that would be nice.... $5,200,000,000 additional money in the economy.... that sure would help create jobs and raise our standard of living..." 3.8% growth is STILL faster than the rate of inflation. Most Wisconsinites haven't been getting a 3.8% raise every year for the last 20 years. In fact, personal income only went up by about 4.5% since 1990, so to increase government by 5.3% just seems criminal. Government has been increasing in size faster than the ability of the citizens to pay for it.

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