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Monday Morning Reading List, Part 1

Massachusetts Universal Care Plan Faces Hurdles - New York Times.

People who must pay the full cost themselves, who are crucial to the success of the nation's most ambitious effort to achieve near-universal coverage, may now be a majority of the state's uninsured and not all are rushing to get coverage. Many of them are healthy young people in their 20's and 30's, state officials say.

Businesses are also less than thrilled about the universal mandate.

"This is going to bring me to my knees," said Deb Maguire, who runs Liam Maguire's Irish Pub and Restaurant in Falmouth.

Ms. Maguire said she had offered health insurance, costing employees $42 a week and her $45, but only about 10 of 30 employees purchased it. Now the others will enroll, she said, an expense significant for them and "just astronomical for me."

Asymmetrical Information: Okay, so what's the plan? Meanwhile, Jane Galt / Megan McArdle wants to know where the savings will come from in a world with universal healthcare

Winds of Change.NET: It's all about me, so praise me, why doncha? Donald Sensing reports on the downside of building self-esteem -- employees who crumble under criticism.

Evidence For Global Warming Evaporating? Ed Morrissey looks at Al Gore's evidence for global warming and reveals that it's thin indeed.