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Madison: Of Mosquitos and Mosquitos

Bad news from Madison. First of all, we're suffering from lots of hungry mosquitos. Secondly, the Madison City Council is in session. Hold on to your wallets.

City Council backs RTA

The Regional Transportation Authority endorsement that the Madison City Council passed 18-2 at 2 a.m. today opens the door to an enhanced regional bus system and using some of the potential sales tax revenue for property tax relief.

Falk and Cieslewicz have said the RTA would not be created unless approved by voters in a referendum. Also, the new panel would have to have its taxing authority approved by the Legislature. If approved, it is expected to raise the county sales tax by 0.5 percent and use the revenue for transportation improvements.

I have little faith that Madison and Dane County will actually lower my overall tax burden. No, the blood sucking mosquitos of local government are hungry for more. I think I prefer nature's own on this one.

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