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Introducing MRUniversity

Introducing MRUniversity →

Marginal Revolution University. If I can make the time, I'll be signing up for some classes.

We think education should be better, cheaper, and easier to access. So we decided to take matters into our own hands and create a new online education platform toward those ends. We have decided to do more to communicate our personal vision of economics to you and to the broader world.

You can visit www.MRUniversity.com here. There you can sign up for information about our first course, Development Economics, which is described by Alex.

Here are a few of the principles behind MR University:

  1. The product is free (like this blog), and we offer more material in less time.

  2. Most of our videos are short, so you can view and listen between tasks, rather than needing to schedule time for them. The average video is five minutes, twenty-eight seconds long. When needed, more videos are used to explain complex topics.

  3. No talking heads and no long, boring lectures. We have tried to reconceptualize every aspect of the educational experience to be friendly to the on-line world.

  4. It is low bandwidth and mobile-friendly. No ads.

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